Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Another diversion from treason with Russia

Am I the only one who thinks the President Bannon/45 “armada” headed toward the Korean peninsula was a Kabuki Dance?

Think about this: The Orange One called repressive, authoritarian Turkish president to congratulate him on winning more power in a recent election. We know that 45 has a bromance with Vladimir Putin. So, why not consider that back channel communications occurred to let Kim Jung Nuts know the “armada” wasn’t really coming his way and we really didn’t want a provocation. The whole idea was to make it look like saber-rattling so we live in fear while the Russian stuff falls off the news cycle — for now.

The other scenario that makes sense is that the military brass knows the risks of provoking a confrontation between two mentally unstable world “leaders,” and moved the fleet away from the Koran peninsula to avoid any possible fireworks.

These are strange times and we know that the power behind the Bannon administration is far smarter than the orange-colored Biff Tannen. The trick is to watch the marionette strings, not the puppet itself.

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