Monday, April 3, 2017

It's time to wage war for democracy

One of the most important issues we are facing in our current political climate, as the past recess
demonstrated, is that GOPers want to stay loyal to their patrons, not their constituents. Therefore not only must we find a way to reach elected officials but we also need to have them understand the threat from the grass roots. It might be possible to overpower those legal bribe, a/k/a, campaign contributions, from the corporatists and oligarchs, with voices loud enough in the various forms available.

I am proposing actions, known as doxing, and I recognize that some may disapprove of my approach. But, here’s the crux of it: We are engaged in both class warfare and a war to save our democracy. We need to engage in the battles using all of the legal, non-violent tactics in our arsenals. The ways I want to do that are to publish their offices’ fax numbers and bury their fax machines in volume; publish their home addresses and phone numbers in their home districts and DC; and to bury their home snail mail with cards and letters; and, if possible, show up at their homes to protest in person. We need to spread this strategy far and wide and engage as many as possible in this activity.

They must understand we can and will threaten their tenure.

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