Thursday, April 27, 2017

Savor the oxymoron

As I no longer consider myself a resident of Amarillo, I suppose I could be quiet about this.

But, c’mon, y’all. You know me.

I just caught up with today’s main editorial in the Amarillo Globe-News and once again, the execrable stupidity, in this case, is a public health hazard. The editorial is trying to draw an unintelligible parallel between auto accidents and a dangerous disease, thus, “Compared to recent national media-overblown reports of deadly illnesses such as Ebola (fewer than 10 people were quarantined in Amarillo from West Africa in January 2015 in order to be monitored for Ebola virus symptoms), the most dangerous thing most of us will ever come into contact with is a steering wheel and a gas pedal.”

My God. How stupid are Dave Henry and Les Simpson? Does anyone at the Globe-News have any notion about dangerous Ebola is? We are not talking about a debate here over some hot-button issue that can have legitimate differences of opinion arising from a personal belief. I hope some folks in the Amarillo medical community joins me in criticizing and the Globe-News and points out that the city’s Public Health Department did the right thing with those quarantines.

One of the biggest dangers facing a large part of the Panhandle economy would be hoof and mouth disease. Would the Globe-News at some point downplay drastic public health measures if some cattle in one of the feedlots became the zero the source case? What if the guy who threatened to send anthrax to former President Obama really had the weaponized spores and infected himself and others? Would stories reporting those be “overblown?”

If the editorialist had not tried to show off how erudite he was, he might not have looked so stupid. I guess that is why the word “oxymoron” seems so fitting in this case.

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