Friday, June 23, 2017

Trump"care" is a national security threat.

There is a sinister, darker and deeper risk to the Republican Transfer of Health to Wealth Bill. And it has to do with the collusion between Vladimir Putin and the Liar-in-Chief, Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus.

One of the reasons the United States has remained strong as a nation is we’ve been able to mount a military effort composed for healthy personnel. Those who may not be “fighting healthy” would be health enough to participate in the support of our defense.
Much of our strength as a nation also comes from a population health enough to be smart, learn and be productive members of our society. They are part of the infrastructure that drives our economy. They man what’s left of our manufacturing, build our roads, pilot our planes and make this nation strong.

An unhealthy nation is a weak nation. Combine that with so much of our infrastructure offshore, and I see this as part of a Russian collusion between not only those traitors in the White House. I see this as collusion with the Republican traitors from the Senate all the way down to the local GOP members who are supporting and enabling this plan. They are as complicit and treasonous as that orange monster in the Oval Office.

I am not a globalist (whatever that is) or a believer of paranoia by those Agenda 21 conspiracy victims. I see this situation as a simple and straight-line problem, born of the worst of human instincts, fed and nurtured by the food of ignorance and fear and justified in the name of a God whose message they have hijacked and perverted.

This is no a health bill. It is a death bill in more ways that people realize.

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