Monday, July 31, 2017

To Les and Dave with love -- not

Victoria, Texas —  It’s come to this. Even as I work on weaning myself from Amarillo, the Amarillo Globe-News’ propaganda pops up. Now, I give myself this credit: I didn’t read yesterday’s editorial on my own. A friend posted it to Facebook.

The editorial, remember, is the voice of the media outlet; so, the piece, obviously written by the nearly illiterate Dave Henry (it had his lack-of-style fingerprints all over it) has the approval of the publisher. That would be Les Simpson. The editorial sought to discuss a “compromise” on permitting transgender people to serve in the United States armed forces. Here is the paragraph that tells you all you need to know about the Globe-News and Henry’s and Simpson’s mentality. 

“For example, it is questionable — to say the least — that because a person may feel he or she is a different gender than what is contained on their birth certificate that American taxpayers should have to pay for any medical procedure that serves no purpose other than helping a person correspond to whichever sex they feel they indeed are.”

First, the rhetorical device known as the red herring seems to be the core point of that sentence. Don’t be fooled folks. No national discussion has yet really looked at that issue. And, like all red herrings that escape from the Globe-News hatchery, it’s worthy of being ignored.

However, it’s the Globe-News’ characterization of gender identity that discounts the depth of transsexualism by using the word “feeling” — a word used here to indicate equal parts of implying a transitory state and something to be discounted. It’s as though I predicted this editorial on July 26 when I wrote about President Putin Bannon Trump’s policy tweet on this issue. I pointed at that a valid body of scientific research indicates that these sexual identity issues are rooted in the person’s brain. And while legitimate researchers are not willing (yet) to make definitive statements, a study out of Spain in 2013 noted essentially that transgender brains are more like the identity gender than the natal, or physical, gender.

Without repeating my previous notions of why the right wing continues to misrepresent homosexuality and transsexualism, it’s more important to point out how Globe-News persists in dishonesty by ignoring facts. It’s a form of lying. And, for a purported newspaper to claim to offer “real news,” as it has recently, such an approach to editorials is dishonest. I’ve spent years pointing out that the Amarillo Globe-News is a propaganda rag, not a newspaper. What I’ve never done is confront Henry and Simpson directly about it. I wish I had done so when I lived there.

So, here it is now, repeating what I wrote a few days ago, “And to my friends in Amarillo, the Amarillo Globe-News, with Dave Henry and Les Simpson steering the opinion pages, they are complicit (in the propaganda). They are either part of the cynical group in the Republican Party or two of the dumbest fucks in journalism.”

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