Sunday, August 13, 2017

The silent Texans

I just checked John Cornyn’s Senate website. You know who John Cornyn is, don’t you? He’s the senior senator from Texas. I can’t say he represents Texas — or does he? You see, as of noon Sunday, Aug. 13, the day after three died at the hands of Nazi, KKK and right-wing terrorists, Cornyn is silent. No concern. No condemnation. Just crickets. Just fucking crickets. Hell, even Ted Cruz, the epitome of smarm and Joe McCarthy’s ghost, has said something sensible about the terror attack in Virginia.

And what about the GOP leadership in Texas? Anything from Greg Abbott?

Yes. This: “The racist and hateful violence in Charlottesville is un-American and unacceptable. I pray for the victims. Americans must unite and overcome.”

That comes awfully close to Trump’s “all sides” Other than thanking his allies for sponsoring his Christian Taliban legislation, all Abbott posted to Facebook is quoting a Bible verse.

Even Dan Patrick, who competes with sewer rats for prestige, had something to say by now.

But Cornyn, who should be showing statesmanship and leadership.

C’mon, John. Say something or put on that hood and robe so we know who you really are.

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