Sunday, October 8, 2017

Respect is earned, contempt called out

Over the past few weeks, my readers may have noticed my language has become more salty. Using “fuck” and “shit,” or similar words are not cursing, by the way. I don’t really owe anyone an explanation or an apology for such language, but my using those words conveys a message I’d like people to understand.
Civil discourse would abhor the disrespect conveyed in the use of those words. But, in relation to politicians — especially Republicans — my using those words is a sign of disrespect. Given how the entire Republican Party has sold out our democracy to the corporatists and other traitors, including Trump and his family, I can offer no respect. None. Even those with whom I had gotten along before and had cordial relationships no longer have my respect and therefore no longer deserve the language of respect.

Some have told me that the use of such language dilutes my message. That those recipients of my epithets will blow me off as some nut worthy of ignoring, they say. But, most of these people and their staffs are doing so anyway. It’s clear the Republicans have become so corrupt and captive of the corporate interests that such words as “concern,” “I oppose” or any other such civil language doesn’t matter, at least not without an accompanying checkbook. The corruption runs so deep that the Republicans are willing to countenance treason from Trump and the entire administration. In particular, I’m talking about Texas’ two United States senators, Cornyn and Cruz. In fact, I’ve asked Cornyn many times how much of the legal bribery called campaign contributions would it take for him to listen to my views. Still haven’t gotten an answer. And Cruz? You can’t even fax his Washington office. The same paradigm also applies to Thornberry, in whose district I formerly lived, and Farenthold, in whose district I now live.
Further, as if my disrespect meter couldn’t go any lower, we also have Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton. You know Abbott, right? He’s the governor of Texas who, tragically injured, received a multi-million dollar settlement of his tort claim. But, he backed so-called tort reform that limited awards. That’s why one of my nicknames for him is “I’ve Got Mine, Now Fuck You.” He is also a theocrat trying to impose his religious beliefs on a secular society. How Vanderbilt Law School won’t withdraw his degree is beyond me. Then, Patrick, who desperately needs psychiatric help for his obsession with (as far as we know) human genitalia, serves as lieutenant governor and president of the state senate. His bathroom bill is not only beyond stupid, it is also unenforceable and a clear risk to Texas’ economy. Should that bill pass, I’d even back a boycott of this state. And Paxton, the chief law enforcement official: under indictment for securities fraud. He must be presumed innocent until proven guilty, but even an indictment doesn’t set much of an example of honesty.
I have gotten correspondence from Cornyn and Patrick, which I will share later. But for now, all of the things I’ve written are true. I’d really appreciate hearing why I should show more respect for these people.

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