Tuesday, December 12, 2017

For every season.

I’ve been a journalist in some form or another since 1996, proudly being part of the only craft with specific protection in the United States Constitution. More than half of that time, I’ve either reported or blogged in Amarillo. For all the rabble rousing I did in that city, I did so because I felt my contributions would make Amarillo a better place to live.

No matter the outcome of my persuasions, the things Amarillo could never give me, as I aged, were warmer winters; nor, could its location bring me closer to family in central and south Texas or to reasonable air and train service to family in New England. Additionally, deep family ties in Victoria made this small city our first choice for full retirement.

I’ve withdrawn from Amarillo incrementally. We bought our house in Victoria in January, but circumstances made the move a seven-month transition. Now, the transition is complete and it’s time to withdraw from The Amarillo Independent as a blog. I will no longer post to this page, nor will I post or use the Indy’s Facebook page. I’ll not tweet from Indy Twitter account.

I will continue to blog in two places. My personal blog is the Quintessential Curmudgeon. I am also a community blogger at the VictoriaAdvocate. I invite you to follow me there.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Call or write - net neutrality is at risk

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Blake Farenthold is a lying propagandist

As many of my friends know, I continually wage an internal war between my wish to be thoughtful and civil in my discourse and to be vulgar and nasty, the latter tactic meant to convey the disrespect toward my target. Of course, many disagree with the bad-mannered approach, saying that it’s counterproductive.

But is it?

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Respect is earned, contempt called out

Over the past few weeks, my readers may have noticed my language has become more salty. Using “fuck” and “shit,” or similar words are not cursing, by the way. I don’t really owe anyone an explanation or an apology for such language, but my using those words conveys a message I’d like people to understand.
Civil discourse would abhor the disrespect conveyed in the use of those words. But, in relation to politicians — especially Republicans — my using those words is a sign of disrespect. Given how the entire Republican Party has sold out our democracy to the corporatists and other traitors, including Trump and his family, I can offer no respect. None. Even those with whom I had gotten along before and had cordial relationships no longer have my respect and therefore no longer deserve the language of respect.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

An open letter to John Cornyn, Ted Cruz and Blake Farenthold

I am a constituent. If you don’t understand that I am one of the thousands who can and will vote against you, then you aren’t reading the tea leaves very well. Of course, as that special brand of right-wing Republican, you stand for nothing I cherish. You stand against kindness, decency, equality, freedom, democracy and Christianity. Mac Thornberry did the same for me when I lived in the Texas Panhandle.