Sunday, August 13, 2017

The silent Texans

I just checked John Cornyn’s Senate website. You know who John Cornyn is, don’t you? He’s the senior senator from Texas. I can’t say he represents Texas — or does he? You see, as of noon Sunday, Aug. 13, the day after three died at the hands of Nazi, KKK and right-wing terrorists, Cornyn is silent. No concern. No condemnation. Just crickets. Just fucking crickets. Hell, even Ted Cruz, the epitome of smarm and Joe McCarthy’s ghost, has said something sensible about the terror attack in Virginia.

And what about the GOP leadership in Texas? Anything from Greg Abbott?

Yes. This: “The racist and hateful violence in Charlottesville is un-American and unacceptable. I pray for the victims. Americans must unite and overcome.”

That comes awfully close to Trump’s “all sides” Other than thanking his allies for sponsoring his Christian Taliban legislation, all Abbott posted to Facebook is quoting a Bible verse.

Even Dan Patrick, who competes with sewer rats for prestige, had something to say by now.

But Cornyn, who should be showing statesmanship and leadership.

C’mon, John. Say something or put on that hood and robe so we know who you really are.

Will Charlottesville bring us to our senses?

If I can wish for Charlottesville to be anything, I wish it becomes the watershed moment when the good and decent people wake up to who and what Trump is. And, it’s not just Trump. It’s Bannon and Miller and the other right-wing radicals in his administration. That includes miscreants like Pruitt, and Price and — God help us — Rick Perry.

I wrote a post in my Amarillo Independent blog on Dec. 23, 2016. I am honored that a friend in New Hampshire with a large following shared it. I am providing the link here, not as a self-aggrandizement (as I noted in the post itself), but as a complement or supplement to your two posts on the Charlottesville events. The takeaway in my blog post isn’t so much the prediction as it is the advice on how to counter what we’re seeing before us.

If you’re so inclined, I’d appreciate you sharing it with your followers.


Monday, July 31, 2017

To Les and Dave with love -- not

Victoria, Texas —  It’s come to this. Even as I work on weaning myself from Amarillo, the Amarillo Globe-News’ propaganda pops up. Now, I give myself this credit: I didn’t read yesterday’s editorial on my own. A friend posted it to Facebook.

The editorial, remember, is the voice of the media outlet; so, the piece, obviously written by the nearly illiterate Dave Henry (it had his lack-of-style fingerprints all over it) has the approval of the publisher. That would be Les Simpson. The editorial sought to discuss a “compromise” on permitting transgender people to serve in the United States armed forces. Here is the paragraph that tells you all you need to know about the Globe-News and Henry’s and Simpson’s mentality. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Amarillo Globe-News’ revisionist history — or lies

By Leslie E. Reese, M.D.

There is nothing more dangerous than revisionist history, AKA alternative facts, AKA lies. The Amarillo Globe-News editorial and Dave Henry’s companion column in today’s edition turns truth upside down and claims triumphs where there were defeats and deceits. A few highlights:

1. High praise for the success of Bill Gilliland in raising the funds for the Globe-News Center. In fact, that effort fell short, and the difference was made up with $2,185,000 in public funds. 

2. High praise for the role of Melissa Dailey in the Downtown Amarillo Inc.’s role in downtown development and regret that the city council and manager caused her dismissal. In fact, she brought Wallace Bajjali, who hoodwinked not only Amarillo but Joplin and Sugarland, ending up with multiple lawsuits and corporate bankruptcy. She also freelanced negotiations with a AA team when she had not been authorized to do so, and employed Meghan Riddlespurger to false-front a non-existent youth movement.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Trump"care" is a national security threat.

There is a sinister, darker and deeper risk to the Republican Transfer of Health to Wealth Bill. And it has to do with the collusion between Vladimir Putin and the Liar-in-Chief, Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus.

One of the reasons the United States has remained strong as a nation is we’ve been able to mount a military effort composed for healthy personnel. Those who may not be “fighting healthy” would be health enough to participate in the support of our defense.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Behold the face of ignorance, hate and hypocrisy

Behold, my friends. This is the face of ugly. No, this isn’t an aesthetic judgment. This is the visage of ugly from the inside. This is a face of Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, one of the radicalized Republican leaders in the state.

This is the face of ignorance. It is the face of a man who won’t understand zoology, biology, medicine and the other sciences that bring us our well-being. This is the face of the man who would rather promote foster fossil fuels over sustainable, clean wind and solar energy, denying the science of global warming. This is the man who would rather let women die from a pregnancy gone wrong than her and her doctor use science to save lives. This is the man who refuses to understand that sexual preference and gender identity are based in neuroscience, not religious doctrine. This is the face of a man, despite is legal training from a fine school, believes that Christian doctrine overrides the United States and Texas constitutions.

This is the face of hate and intolerance. This is face of the man who would let the pollution from fossil fuels wreak havoc on people’s health and our climate because he doesn’t care for people, only the corporations. This is the face of a man who will not shed a tear for the tragedy of a lost child. Or for the mother and child born with disability; or poverty; or illness. This is the face of the man who, in denying science, treats people with different gender identities or preferences as non-humans.

This is the face of hypocrisy. This is the face of the man who posts Bible verses and religious doctrine on his social media pages, but who rejects the very message of the deity he claims to revere as a savior. This is the face of a man who was crippled in an accident and won a big settlement then backed measures to deny others the same benefits he got from the legal l system. This is the face of a man who wants to get even with the trees for his injury. This  is the face of a man who claims to back small government but continues to expand its reach into our privates.

This is the face of a radicalized right wing in American politics — and the hand that shows his loyalty to Donald Putin Bannon, the 45th occupant as the president of the United States. Look at that curled thumb and forefinger, an imitation of the same gesture the Liar-in-Chief Oval Office narcissistic psychopath makes to sell his ignorance and hate.

Remember these faces in 2018 and 2020.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Clear and present danger

Two recent instances of public officials using the power of their offices to retaliate against statements
with which they disagree raise a dangerous possibility.

The lawyer for now-infamous Kathy Griffin has told The NewYork Times that the Secret Service is investigating his client over her display of a severed head representing the current United States president. Meanwhile, near the end of the Texas legislative session, Republican Rep. Matt Rinaldi, called federal immigration authorities because of protesters in the gallery.

Griffin and Rinaldi have reaped or will reap the consequences of their actions. Griffin has already suffered economic retribution in the private sector with CNN dropping her as a host for its New Year’s Eve coverage. Rinaldi’s actions have upped activist motivation to unseat him in the next election cycle.